5 Reasons You Need a Photo Booth at Your Event!

1. Guest Activity 

Being happy never goes out of style!
— Lilly Pulitzer

Your guest list is comprised of dancers, drinkers, sitters, complainers, over-eaters, and crazy kiddos! Give them an activity that they can't pass on. If they aren't down for dancing, they can enjoy the booth! It gives your guests a chance to get "in on the action" and feel involved. Your guests who love dancing can take a break from doing the wobble and snap some memories with their dancing partners. Obviously, your drinkers will LOVE the prop table and go ham in the booth. These will be the best photos in your album - for sure. Moral of the story, all of your guests can enjoy a moment in the booth. 

2. Ambiance 

I snapped this photo before one of our events in Fort Worth, TX. It was a beautiful, renovated, brick building with old creeky floors, and industrial touches. The ambiance was a simplistic setup of white flowers, greenery of all kinds, and mixed metals. When the sun set, the room was darkened and candles were in abundance. Our photo booth was placed in the front corner of the room and our luxe gold backdrop was an absolute beauty in this space! It shimmered and shined and provided a great focal point to draw in guests to the booth. We truly believe our backdrop and booth compliments events and not take away from them. We are not your typical black box Photo Booth that looks like it's been through the ringer, and we are not your "home made" photo booth that has cords and screens thrown about. Check our our booth here... it's a beaut! 

IMG_1215 2.JPG

3. Social Sharing  

Almost every wedding has photographers running about snapping photos to capture each and every moment. There is the inevitable lag time between the event and when the edited photos are received. Sometimes it can take up to 5 weeks! Guests have mostly moved on since then. Granted, posting all these photos to Facebook will gather some more hits and smiles and laughs to help guests remember that great night. In the meantime, give something to your guests that they can enjoy the day after the event! Waking up, laughing with friends and looking through an online album that shows all the photo booth photos taken at the event can really make an impact. People who couldn't make it to the event can even follow along with the fun! Everyone can save and share the photos on all their social media channels. Talk about making an impact... at the event and after! Online photo albums are standard in all of our packages.

4. Event Favors 

Are you struggling to pick a take-away gift for your guests? Of course there are a million cheesy gift ideas on Pinterest but most are items that your guests are going to toss in the trash right when they leave the event (sorry, but we all know it's true). Give your guests something they will actually hold on to! We offer prints in 4x6 that fit perfectly into a frame that needs to be filled. Take it a step further and provide frames at the event!

5. Loosen Up The Crowd

Weddings are a mix of family and friends and not everyone knows each other. Get groups in the booth and the laughs will flow and interactions will happen! Company events can be a dud sometimes and people feel as if they can't unwind. A photo booth instantly creates funny situations and provides a moment to let loose and break out 3 or 4 different poses without overthinking! Get the department together for a photo and throw in some funny props! It's a simple addition to the event that can elevate the fun immensely!